Dr. Berg has been servings clients along the Wasatch Front for 20 years. Centerville residents can take a drive through Park City to get to Heber City, Utah (Dr. Berg’s office location). If you live in or close to Centerville, we recommend taking the steps below.

Consultation Part 1 – Phone Screen

Our office is located in Heber City. Since this equates to an hour and a half drive from Centerville, UT, we recommend giving us a call to answer all the questions you have about the procedure, the costs, the effects, and more. The phone screen will help us see if Dr. Berg is the right doctor for you, and it will answer any questions not mentioned in the FAQ page. Give us a call to ask us any unanswered questions – 435-503-9088.

Consultation Part 2 – Initial Vasectomy Examination

After your intial phone screening, schedule an examination with Dr. Berg to see if you are eligible for a vasectomy. Unfortunately, evaluation can only happen in person and not over the phone. While the chances are small, there is a chance that you are not a candidate for the no-scalpel vasectomy. However, this evaluation does not mean you are unable to get a regular vasectomy.

No procedure is performed during the vasectomy examination. The consultation and examination will take place in Dr. Berg’s office.

To get started, send us an email.


Centerville Vasectomy Consultation

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