No-Scalpel Vasectomy Alternatives

While the following vasectomy alternatives list is not intended to be comprehensive, we have provided the list to help you make the best decision for you and your partner.

Abstinence: For obvious reasons, conception is not possible during a period of complete abstinence. It is completely effective when completely observed. However, this option is unsatisfactory for most couples for an extended period of time.

Condom: This is a barrier type of method used by males. Can be effective if used properly.

Diaphragm: This a barrier type of method used by females. A shallow rubber cap is placed by the woman inside the vagina to cover the cervix. Can be effective if used properly.

IUD: This is an Intrauterine Device (IUD) that is about the size of a quarter that is placed in the uterus. This method may be used for several years and allows for fertility to return within 30 days of having the IUD removed.

Oral – The Pill: This is an estrogen based hormonal method. The Pill must be taken regularly and requires a prescription. This is a popular method, but in some cases, the side effects may be significant. Some women are not appropriate candidates for this method.

The Rhythm Method: This is a natural method where couples abstain from intercourse for 5 to 15 days per month to avoid the most fertile days in the cycle. It requires several months of charting to establish reliable patterns, but can still have a high failure rate if not accurate and consistent.

Spermicides: This refers to chemical contraceptives (usually foam, cream or jelly) that kills sperm on contact in the vagina. Must be used with each encounter. While generally safe, many suggest that it should also be used in addition to barrier methods.

Tubal Ligation: This is surgical sterilization for women, performed under general anesthesia. This is the surgical counterpart to vasectomies for males. This is typically the most expensive option, but sometimes is covered by health insurance. Since this is a general anesthesia surgery, it is more complicated and more expensive, with higher surgical risk than a vasectomy.


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