No-Scalpel Vasectomy Risk

vasectomy risk

Consider vasectomy risk. Vasectomy in general is safe and simple. Vasectomy is an operation and all surgery has some risk such as bleeding, bruising, and infection. But serious problems usually do not happen.

There could be complications, so we encourage you to discuss these items carefully with Dr Berg. However, of all the birth control methods, vasectomy is among the safest procedures. The majority of complications, if any, are usually quite minor and most are easily treated. Some common complications include a chance of infection, bleeding, bruising, or temporary swelling.

Following the procedure, some men have reported to experience a dull ache for several days.

In summary, most medical experts, including special panels convened by the National Institutes of Health and by the World Health Organization, have concluded that vasectomy is a safe procedure. A number of studies have examined the health effects of vasectomy. The body of research evidence continues to be reassuring and suggests that vasectomized men are no more likely than other men to develop heart disease, cancer, or another illnesses.


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