Effects of a Vasectomy

No matter how much you know about Vasectomy’s, there is always lingering questions about the side effects of a vasectomy. There are many variables to consider for each vasectomy patient making it difficult to say for 100% certain that there will be no unintended negative consequences. However, most do not report severe side effects.

Psychological Effects of a Vasectomy

We suggest careful planning and thought before making the choice of permanent birth control. While there are still chances to get a vasectomy successfully reversed, the results are not guaranteed. Therefore, careful discussion between spouses is recommended.

Sexual Side Effects of a Vasectomy

The primary side effect is that men will lose the ability to release sperm and thus not be able to have children. After a vasectomy, men will still have the ability to ejaculate because only a small portion of semen is made up of sperm. Immediately after the vasectomy men could still have sperm and thus not be 100% sterile. Therefore, a few ejaculations may need to take place before intercourse is resumed.

It is important to note that testosterone levels do not depend on the sperm count. In most cases, sexual performance is unaffected.


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