Salt Lake City Vasectomy Consultation

Dr Berg's no scalpel vasectomy center is centrally located in Heber City, Utah allowing us to provide services all along the Wasatch Front including Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City Residents please review the steps below.

There are 2 parts to the consultation.

1 – The Free Initial Salt Lake City Vasectomy Phone Discussion

Once you have decided to find out more about a no-scalpel vasectomy,

Contact Salt Lake City Vasectomy online or call us at 435-503-9088 to schedule a phone call with Dr Berg. This call usually lasts less than 15 minutes and is simply designed to let you talk to an experienced doctor about the procedure. Be prepared to ask questions during this call. Check out our list of frequently asked questions about no-scalple vasectomies.

After this phone call, you then will need to decide if you would like to move forward with the process. The phone call is simply to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable with Dr Berg. If you choose to move forward, an appointment for the initial examination will be set up to.

2- The Initial Examination

This meeting occurs in our office in Heber City. Our address is located at 1467 South Highway 40. In this short appointment, you will be examined to ensure that you are likely to experience a successful surgery. There is a tube that needs to be close to the surface. 90% of men qualify to be successful candidates for this surgery.

Once this examination is completed, an appointment will be set up for the no-scalpel vasectomy surgery.


Salt Lake City Vasectomy

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